Krishna Tantry Broker

Krishna Tantry Broker

Vasthu Introduction

  Vasthu Shasthra 

An ancient building science/code using the 5 elements, direction/planetory influence etc,

Attributes for an Ideal Home

  • Direction of the plot
  • Shape of the plot
  • Profile/ Vibration of the plot
  • Rooms location 
  • Elemental points - Ground, Fire, Water, Air & Space
  • Growth points - Knowledge & Wealth
  • Energy points - Mind & Body 
  • Zonal balance 
  • Color schemes
  • Object placement
  • 9 point grid & Many more....


From Vedas similar to how Astrology & Yoga are derived. 


To channelize the free flow of open & natural energy with five elements inside the home in harmony with the energy field (Aura) of the residents per their personaility & Planetory influence.


Similar to Fengshui but a different approach and elemental change.

5 Elements

Vasthu - Earth, Water, Fire, Air, & Space

Fengshui - Earth, Water, Fire, Wood & Metal

Your energy field - Synergy of 5 elements/ 9 Planets & Surroundings


7 Main Energy points inside your home



7 Energy points (Chakras) in human beings


9 Planets

Planets can be malefic or benefic & impart influence on the subjects through directions. Benefic planets are friendly planets that support your growth & malefic planets are non-friendly planets that oppose your growth at times and in various areas.

8 directions, 8 sub-directions form 16 zones with 32 splits/ @11.25 degrees a split

Directions harmonize geo magnetic energy/forces during lunar cycles and Entry points i.e Foyer/Reception area play a major role in attracting positive or negative vibes inside the homes.

In general people believe, East or North directions are good. That is not true. East or North direction can’t be good or favorable to all like for ex: how sweet is not good for a person with Diabetes, milk for a person with Lactose intolerance & spice for a person with Ulcer. Similarly East or North are not good for all personality types. Few typical negative effects are emptiness, depression, aggression, over excitement, lack of energy or drive etc

Benefits - Materialistic & Spiritual

Homes built as per Vasthu Shasthra will have more positive energy & hence can bring health, wealth, peace, prosperity and or minimize the negative effects.

Myth vs Fact

Don't be overwhelmed. Combination of Astrology, Vasthu, Numerology with diligent remedies are very powerful. Explore & Experience the effect.

You can contact me to know more about.. Your vibrant direction & My home finder services as per Vasthu.

Is Your Home Compatible to Vasthu ? - Know Your Home Status !!!

Good Luck !

Krishna Tantry


Disclaimer: Vasthu is not a myth, but a science. Homes built per Vasthu concept & specific to your horoscope promotes growth during good period & filters negative effects during bad period. Please be aware that vasthu can't completely eliminate certain ill effects of your bad Karma. Reduction is possible. Ex; Good calcium doesn’t mean you can’t fracture your bone. Not intended to change your belief system,cultural & religious values . Not intended to solicit anybody on real estate contract. Results may vary with the degree of accuracy of your date, time, place of birth & due diligence . Reader's discretion apply.

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