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Krishna Tantry Broker


Money Making Opportunities - Residential, Commercial, Franchise, Investment 


100's of Customers from 12 Countries. Many have become MULTI MILLIONAIRES, with much more on the way. Here's what my few clients say about their experience.


Mulitple property owner ( Repeat Buyers)

Mr. Tantry is a fantastic realtor and a great human being. He has a keen insight into personal finance and understands wealth creation through real estate better than most other realtors in GTA.

Back in 2012, there were no known intermediaries or references to introduce us. We found Mr. Tantry through a routine internet search. Right from the get- go, he worked hard to allay any concerns we may have had. Very quickly, he understood what we were looking for, what we could afford and what kind of purchase made sense for us, both as a home and as an investment.

Since our first home purchase in 2012, he has helped us with multiple property purchases. He has always stood by us and advised us on the best course of action like an elder brother. He has repeatedly helped us leverage our real estate equity to buy exclusive properties that may not have been available through any other retailers. In the process, he has helped us move closer to our goal of financial independence.

We are extremely grateful to Mr. Tantry for working with us for the last 11 years; in the process we have found an invaluable friend and well-wisher. We have recommended him to many of our friends who have also been very very happy with him.

We wish him the best always! 

Chaya & Ashwin Jose - Brampton


First Time Buyer

We know Mr.Tantry for 5 years, he helped us to settle down in Canada when we moved here. When we were thinking of buying a house, we reached out to him. Mr. Tantry provided a view of the market, understood our needs, and gave all the information/data points required for us to make a decision. He is a professional in this space. You can find many in the market who concentrate on completing the transactions, take their cut, and walk away. Mr. Tantry is qualified and understands the business, thinks from the buyer's perspective and hence it won't be just a transaction. Considering that we are investing all our money on the property, especially if you are a first-time buyer, we need something more than just a transaction. Mr. Tantry is trustworthy, humble, and straightforward. These are the quality of a true leader and gentleman. I recommend Mr. Tantry if you want to do a clean transaction without any issues.

Suren & Lavanya Adoni, Brampton


5 ***** from Heart

This is an honest review on our experience with Mr. Krishna Tantry, on his help with our real estate needs. Mr. Tantry has been exceptional in terms of his service quality, professionalism and knowledge about the real estate market. He has been able to understand our needs, both for primary home and investment properties. Buying and Selling has been extremely stress-free so far, for me and my wife. For any property that we buy, there is no pressure sales, but both pros and cons are laid out in a very transparent manner, and he is able to guide us through the process. Mr. Tantry has gone above and beyond in many ways - staging ideas, finding the "right" home with due diligence, mortgage broker contacts, pre-construction ideas for investments, cottage investments for long-term. For your next real estate need, contact him for sure. A full 5 stars, whole-heartedly.

Som Samant and Abeera, Brampton


First Time Home Buyer

I would like to thank Mr Krishna for helping me achieving my first dream house in Canada. It would not be possible without his proper guidance and support. He was always there to support me when I had any questions even at midnight, he has always picked up his phone and gave me a genuine advice. I will definitely recommend everyone else who are planning to buy a property in near future to reach out to Krishna, he will definitely get you a good property . Thanks again Krishna for everything. We are really happy with the property which you got us. --

Manas Bhasin and Neha Chelly, Brampton


Timing is Critical

"Our Home buying experience with Krishna Tantry was simply outstanding. He was quick, efficient, and very professional and nobody else will ever beat his services.  He also sold our home within a few days of listing and he helped us in buying some wise investment properties as well. From market analysis, contract negotiations and to do literally whatever it took to get both deals done. Krishna was amazing in his ability to make it happen!! With his thinking strategy and calculative moves, Client’s peace of mind is guaranteed. We will forever be grateful for what he did for us!!!”

Sudhakar, Mississauga


More Challenges

Thank you so much, Sir. This is indeed the time to do cheers. It was a really nice experience selling this house with you, an interesting challenge like you said and all the strategies you employed. 3 weeks or 5 weeks, it really does not matter as we have our full faith in you and trust that you will always help us make the right decision. It is great that in spite of all the challenges, you sold this property. 

We do need to get together celebrate. Here’s wishing for many more successes. 

Damedar, Brampton


Homework has paid off very well

Before choosing a real estate agent, I conducted a lot of research to see who would be the best choice based on the investment they make into selling the property (time and effort, not necessarily financially) and how they promote their listings.

Krishna Tantry to offer: His organic rankings are excellent (meaning people find listings on his site easily),  social media presence was strong, and I could tell he put a lot of work into his listings.

We spoke with Krishna Ji and then met with him at our home. He spent hours answering our questions, providing objective data regarding how many homes are sold/available, how long listings typically stay on the market, and providing tons of info on comps in the area. We were concerned that our house, which was located pretty far from downtown and in a neighborhood with hundreds of similar homes would be tough to sell. Krishna JI made the process incredibly easy and took extra steps many other Realtors don't (but should), like having a pro come and give us staging tips, having professional photographs taken, and a lot more.

When we saw our listing we were blown away. His hard work and knowledge of what it takes to sell a home really paid off - our listing looked amazing and knocked out the competition. The second buyer that saw the property put in an offer.

Our house was sold in  4 days after we put it on the market. We accepted the offer and Krishan Ji and team  who was also incredibly friendly and helpful walked us through every step of the closing process. It couldn't have been a more pleasant experience.

I've recommend  Krishna Tantry to everyone I know. He's a true professional and a genuinely nice guy. I realize it won't always be this easy to sell your home, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better Realtor.

More to add on his Vaasthu and Astrology support..

Don’t be impressed by number of followers, degrees and titles. Be impressed by kindness, integrity, humility and generosity,Krishna Ji has those qualities. Krishan Ji is highly respected, recognized and renowned in the field of Vastu Shastra, Vedic Astrology and being a lifelong learner, he continues to improvise and expand his horizons in related fields. He is very thorough in the work he does and a professional who uses his innate spirituality combined with the science of Vaastu to create harmony within living and working spaces, to enhance the quality of living and the working environment.

 I am grateful for his friendship and I highly recommend him for guidance and directional support.

Mandeep Johar, Brampton



A trustworthy Realtor

With great confidence I rate my experience with Krishna as excellent. I've never come across someone with wealth building strategies like he has. He has vast knowledge and expertise especially in handling real estate.  

He guides and protects his clients in every situation.  We had a bad tenant issue, for which he guided us and sold our house over the asking rate within 3 days. We are happy with his services and he is professional in all his dealings. 


Rosario D'Souza, Etobicoke


Decades of Association


My family has been working with Krishna for more than ten years and I started working with him for now two year. 

These two years have been so far some of my great years in real estate. Not only has he helped us to invest in great projects, he has also guided us when to sell.

I have learnt a lot from Krishna. He sits down with his clients and talk talk numbers, as they say numbers don't lie if they are accurate and presented in a right way. That's exactly what Krishna does.

The other thing I know is that Krishna will go all the way not only to help you but also educate you about the real estate market.


Peter S, North York 


Our Experience


Krishna Tantry is an amazing realtor,advisor and spiritual friend and his approach to invest  and forecast the future for success is impeccable. He assisted us in our first condo purchase and showed us a way to make our investment grow with his expert planning. I recommend to reach out to him to learn the right strategies to buy,  rent or sell and learn about the real estate market do's and dont's. Thank you Krishna for your expertise and honesty in guiding us with  positive decisions for our future comfort  and ease.  


Mario and Angela Woodbridge On.


First Time Investor


A colleague from our place of work introduced us to Mr. Krishna Tantry. We had first hand reviews from a very satisfied client which encouraged us to move forward in working with Krishna. Krishna took the time to understand our situation and our objectives, and has developed a plan for us for the future that is 100% customized to our needs. Krishna is not a seller's/buyer's agent- he is an investment planner who is in this journey with you to get you success. He does not shy away from explaining risks as he uses his vision and experience to guide you in doing what is right for you.He has always been available to answer any questions we've have while going through the process and helped through decision making.

We have just bought our first condo for investment with him and hope this is just the beginning of many more years of working together. So happy to be working with you, Mr. Krishna.


Jayesh & Vidhya, Brampton


First time Home Buyer


As a first time home buyer with limited knowledge about buying a house, we were very fortunate to have met Krishna Tantry (true to his name as the God Krishna), a very professional real estate agent, who listened to our specific wants and needs and knew exactly what kind of house we were looking for and the preferred locality, and anytime a home came on the market that matched our criteria, made sure we knew about it immediately.

For the past few months, Krishna has been there for us in every step of the way. He has prompt in answering all our calls and emails no matter what time of day or night it was. We were highly impressed by his professionalism, mentorship, knowledge, honesty, and hard work. He never forced us to buy any house. I and my wife were bit overwhelmed by the whole process of buying the property but Krishna was there every step of the way, giving us a honest advise and direction. He walked us through every step of the negotiations, inspection and closing and was very quick in handling any issues that may have risen.

The best part is that we now have a new friend - a friendship that will continue to grow! And he pretty much became part of our extended family.


Parminder Singh Azad and Jasbir Kaur Azad - Brampton



Jai sri KRISHNA Krishnaji


 Fantastic approach and very strategic thinking .We truly appreciate your prompt support and action.. Thank you for all the educated  information needed to plan out future investments.truly without flattering I can vouch for you as on of the best real estate planners., I would not call you an agent as you are way above and beyond that in full GTA.


Sangita and Kishore Menezes - Mississauga


Krishna is a Guru of real estate

Mr. Tantry is a knowledgeable realtor who had guided me and my family to the right direction of making an excellent choice to an investment  that has increased in enormous value over the short term.  

He is a generous, warm and fun person to deal with and a most trustworthy realtor.  With my past experience, it is rare to find a realtor such as Krishna who is so considerate in all different avenues and tailor to your exact needs.  

After speaking to him for the first time, he can already tell what kind of personalities you have and he can easily geared you to the property base on your comfort.  I will definitely recommend him to my friends and family! 


Karen Ngo -  Vaughan 


For "ANY" Real Estate needs


I am an active netizen who reads reviews through multiple sources and don't shy away from leaving reviews (good or bad). Honestly speaking this is my toughest review ever because the interaction with Anna made me want to write a review but then when I went in to check the existing reviews, I was surprised to see that whatever I wanted to write was already mentioned by previous reviewers.

This tells something 

- there is no bot or friends and relatives who left their reviews. 

- he has the same approach for all clients - big or small

- he does not intend to just sell a property but want to assist us in building a portfolio for financial freedom

- he hardly advertises and works only based on referrals of loyal or repeat clients

- he does not make cold calls. I met him first in 2016 intending to invest so he first spent some time with me and understood not just my financial status but also my psyche and personality. he then waited for almost 3 years to find the right mix of property which suited my financial appetite and my peace of mind.

- his style is not to get you to sign the check and is on his way. In the first meeting he already plans for the next few years. He provides end to end solution, right from picking the right property, helping with Mortgage, assisting in renting and timing the sale as well as planning for the next property, leveraging the funds and loans and all this while ensuring that nobody is put in a jeopardy. While I was once interested in an investment he out rightly refused me considering the bigger picture. 


Alok - Brampton


Krishna Ji is top in his game with years of experience, really loved working with him. He has a very in-depth knowledge about all the aspects of real estate and his knowledge for finance boosts the confidence in the client. I would recommend him for any kind of purchaser new immigrant or an investor looking to get into real estate. Wish him all the success.


Andy Khatter - Brampton


Millionaire Club Member


Krishna Tantry, my real estate investor Guru sold my Abercrombie detached house in Brampton early 2017 for a lot more than asking price with 14 multiple offers for this property. Prior to this in 2015 he also sold our Brampton property on Slater Circle also for more than asking price with 17 multiple offers. Cars were lined up on the street as Krishna pre-arranged appointments on this day as each agent being called in with their client and telling their story and why they wanted to purchase our house. Krishna was so professional in his dealings with these agents; including his calmness and making every agent feel that their client can have the house if the price is right.

Krishna is the first very high level investor agent I have ever met. He does this with a passion and understanding that his client is first and everyone else is second. His understanding of the real estate market is outstanding. He does his due diligence over and above what an agent will do resulting in flawless results. I don’t believe for one second that Krishna calculates what his commission will be before he thinks this is an investment property for you.

I have invested in 7 properties so far with Krishna since 2013 and it only gets better. My Return on investment on most of them has not been less that 87% and I could not be more pleased.

Krishna also takes the time to help you understand the thought process and why you should invest in a particular property. Be ready to bring a writing pad where at the end of your 2 to 3 hours of writing, you might run out of paper. This is a fact and I can attest to it. The man likes to write as he speaks and numbers are coming out of his yang-yang !!!!!. His facts are based on the stats and his market research, but also explains you the risks. And so far for us he has been more that right !!!!. Results are just outstanding !!!!!. And keeps better everyday.

If I had to describe Krishna in one word that would be “Genuine”.  His greatness in life is to see others happy and that happiness will manifest in itself to see his family happy. If you are looking for an investor professional, look no further. Krishna has a lot to offer that just helping you to make money. He is very trustworthy and makes you feel very comfortable knowing you will make a new friend.

You can call me anytime to discuss the results. I am honored to call Krishna my brother. That’s what he calls me now. For Vedo and myself, we will only invest with Krishna as we are comfortable to talk to him as a friend as well as business professional.

If you need my details, please reach out to Krishna


Anthony & Vedo Luis - Etobicoke




Millionaire Club Member


We as a family were fortunate to have known Mr. Krishna. He has a unique way of addressing his customer's needs. Mr. Krishna discusses each client's financial situation as he tailors a plan to fit their life's situation, not only keeping the present in mind but also planning for their future aiming for a growth in their investments.

I have purchased two homes and investment properties that I am pleased with. My home purchases and sale have been very professionally dealt with in terms of being educated about the home buying/selling process, legalities while striking a balance between prioritizing what's important to me and earning the best value on my investment. He has a diplomatic approach to negotiating the best price for my needs be it as a seller or a buyer. I truly believe that Mr. Krishna's "Millionaire Roadmap" if well understood and executed per his advise keeping the market trends in mind, one is sure to have a financially secure retirement.

Mr. Krishna builds a bond with all his clients in a caring and a helpful way that they end up becoming his and his family's good friends. He has not only been my real estate agent but also has made excellent recommendations for my investment portfolio which I am happy with. 

Last but not least, I have and continue to highly recommend Mr. Krishna for all your real estate and investments needs. You will not be disappointed!


Shilpa - Brampton


Negotiated the property at an unbelievable price even in the tough sellers market.


I have been extremely impressed and delighted with my recent house purchase in Milton, ON through Mr. Krishnadas Tantry.His service is commendable with detailed analysis of every aspect w.r.t property listings as well as its demographics which includes personalized requirements like Vaastu complaint before it is even shortlisted for our visit.

With his immense expertise and experience he would not only help us find the right property but also a potential investment for the future.

Mr. Tantry guides us through the whole process in our best interest from the initial standpoint to the closure and occupation. He has an incredible team and great network of best in class mortgage specialists, lawyers, insurance team, etc. 

Last but not the least he is one of the excellent leader and human being with true and inspiring values. He did walk us through many biddings seamlessly until we were able to close a successful deal with the best price worth the value even in the hot GTA market.

In a whole, I would like to recommend Mr. Tantry with a great regard for anyone who is looking forward for a property in the GTA.


Pramod - Milton


A close friend and a true well-wisher in the form of your own realtor...

It is very well known that having to enter the first time home buyer arena in Canada's heartland 'Toronto' is nothing short of a dream for any newly arrived couple to Canada. We as a family were very fortunate to have known  Mr. Krishna Tantry as our close friend, an excellent guide, a true professional, a well-wisher, an excellent human being and more so, fortunately, our realtor for buying our first home. He holds all required qualifications, knowledge, experience, business acumen, skills to get your dream home.

Mr. Tantry is a realtor who works on a premise of 'methodical/calculated approach' with all his plans and possesses 'Surgical Negotiation' skills, which always benefits his clients whether represented from a sellers side or from a buyers side. Mr. Tantry always puts his client's and their needs first to get them the best of the deals. He brings in a complete package to the table, whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned player in the market and possesses all required skills and tactics that are absolutely essential to his client's success. When it comes to negotiation of the property prices, he is a proven master with a keen sense of market trends. He always gets the best for his clients be it getting the best listing matching all his client's requirements OR in giving them the guidance and contacts for further proceedings once the deal is closed. He has reach to all necessary entities and people who can assist all his clients to get the best out of any situation, be it getting the mortgage OR any finance done or to even Closing of the property with the best available law firms. His support to his clients just doesn't end by getting them the best property, it only starts from there. I can personally say that he has gone over and beyond his responsibilities as a realtor to help his clients realize their dream home and eventually has ended up being their best friend in all aspects. One thing that stands out Mr. Tantry from any other realtor out there is his passion towards the job for getting best deals for his clients and exhibits the highest standard of ethics towards the profession for his client's well-being. He stands guarded with his principles that always puts him as a 'GO TO' person not just for all property related matters, but beyond that as well. This can only assure that you as a client is not just treated as a client, but, as a family.

The other thing that myself and my family are always appreciative of Mr. Tantry is his keen commitment of taking his client's to Millionaire's path. As he himself mentions, he has all necessary instruments that are required for his clients to show them the 'Road to be a Millionaire' through his investment plans. He keeps a personalized, tailor-made plan for each and every client, and keeps them informed of any potential investment plans that they can look for. We are so glad that we had an opportunity to talk about this matter and Mr. Tantry clearly puts his plan for our future of investments through Real estate and beyond. He is over and above qualified for all of these matters. Three thumbs up Sir!

Without any hesitation or bias, me and my family can confidently say and assure that: if Mr. Tantry is on your side of buying or selling the property, you need not bother about which property is best for you or even have tensions around how all things go. His transactions are so smooth that you wouldn't even realize when you are handed over a key OR when your property gets sold for a price that you can't even fathom. One thing is sure: you are getting the best deal out there and making a profit which only makes you go back to him for future opportunities to lead your full-filled and happy life in your dream home.

To put it short, he is the 'GO-TO' person for any real estate matters in Canada who can assist you in getting properties across North America and in other countries as well. I highly recommend him for anybody, as a matter of fact, referring him my friends who in turn have the same opinion as mine. :)

Thanks for being there Mr. Tantry! Wholeheartedly appreciate your service. :)


 Shankar & Radhika -  Brampton


Sold for $55,200 (13.47%) More than the Listed Price (35yrs Old Home) in balanced market


I have never met a more positive, intelligence and kind person. Krishna sold my last home in 2015 for much over asking price with 17 multiple offers. He thinks outside the box compared to other agents. He works for you and your goals. I will only list my next property with Krishna as we have developed that friendship that cannot be broken. He has become a very personal friend of our family and if you are ever looking for an agent I will guarantee you will not be disappointed God bless you my friend and all the best of health to you and your family Always..


Vedo and Anthony -- Etobicoke


230k growth in 14 months


Hi Krishna,

Based on all the Projects which you recommended, we made good appreciation on both Condo and Detached homes.

We enjoyed the appreciation of more than 100k each in 9-14 months selecting the right property which makes you special Real estate agent for me and others but for my family we consider you as a great friend and well wisher. 

I will recommend you to everyone who will be interested in buying a freehold home or condo.. 


Syed Hamdan - Caledonia 


Vacant Home Sold for More than asking 105.24% in 12 days - took 12 days as seller was out of town


 Mr.Tantry is a knowledgeable strategist in the Real Estate/Asset building & is a thorough professional. He identifies right opportunities, provides good & timely advice & follows up until completion. He had recently helped us navigate through the entire home selling process. He identified the right selling window & advised on increasing the appeal & helped us better market our house which was challenging in itself as we had already relocated. However, Mr Tantry's marketing strategy and his real estate acumen in pricing resulted in an overwhelming response, enquiries and multiple offers for our house. We would say it is unbelievable to have 8 offers after a record number of visits.


 We have used his services earlier for acquiring another property and had gone back to him with the trust that he would deliver and he did not let us down. He more than met our expectations of a real estate professional and we strongly recommend him to all home buyers and sellers looking for an outstanding real estate professional.


Suresh Udupi and Maithili Rao - Windsor



Sold in 2 days for More than asking / competition 100.4%   In Buyers market

"Working with Krishna is nothing like interacting with any ordinary realtor, it is an Experience !Whether you are buying a house or selling with Krishna, he ensures the maximum for his clients. Krishna helped us buy a house well below market price and now, only 2 years later he helped sell this house for a record price, above the listed price. Krishna, well and truly embodies the concept of "buy low" for his buyer clients and "sell high" for his selling clients.

Thank you for all your help over the years"


  Hassan - Milton


Mr. Krishna Tantry is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate and makes sure the client is always informed, every step of the way.

I am a firsttime homebuyer and had many questions with my condo purchase. Mr. Tantry was with me every step of the way, from choosing a suitable suite, till final closing. I cannot have asked for a better realtor than him. Mr. Tantry can be reached personally 24/7 and his patience answering questions is impeccable.

I am fortunate to consider Mr. Krishnadas Tantry a personal mentor and a close friend. So I can honestly say that his proven real estate philosophy only leads to positive results.

I absolutely have had no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone and everyone. When you look for a broker/agent, look no further than Mr. Krishnadas Tantry!


Akshat Rao -  Etobicoke



To a wonderful human being


Being first time home buyers, we were all ready for our first house-hunting experience. We had equipped ourselves with knowledge from a hundred internet blogs. Not to forget the hundreds of HGTV episodes. We knew, at least we thought we knew, exactly what we wanted, which wall to break, which reno to take     up and which value-add to take-up. It was just a matter of getting into the jungle! But only when we entered the jungle did we realize that we were lost! 
That's when we understood that how important it is to have an excellent GPS – a Genuine Property Specialist. Luckily, we had Mr. Krishna Tantry with us, our own friendly neighborhood specialist. He was completely equipped and organized with all details. Every property that he showed us was exactly what we had   wanted and more! With every house we viewed, he was very detailed in his assessments explaining us the positives and negatives, compliance from a   Vaastu perspective and above all, how this investment made sense in the long run. He always reminded us that as customers we should be happy with the  buy and any major compromise we make on a buy may be the sole thing that may hurt us when we sell.

 One thing that sets him miles apart is his genuine interest in understanding the customer first before showing properties. He did not run around like a  chicken without head, showing numerous properties on the get go! Instead, he carefully learnt about us, our tastes, our values, our dreams over a cup of  coffee and very soon he had tailored the search to suite our tastes. He never pushed us into making a commitment or placing an offer. And before we knew,  we had the house of our dreams! He is an excellent negotiator and got us a great deal! (Psst: Seller had sellers regret the next day, when he realized what  had happened ;))

 Moreover, through his excellent contacts he was able to provide us the best rate even though rates had just increased! The mortgage specialist was on a vacation in a tropical destination, but that did not stop him from serving us as we were Krishna’s clients! Now, that’s how he rolls!

Dear Krishna, we are extremely happy that we approached you to buy the house of our dreams. The journey has been splendid and I am glad to have found a brother in you. It’s very hard to find genuine people and I will be proud to recommend anyone and everyone to you, cos a positive experience is guaranteed! 


  Bharat Pangal and Bhavya Rao -  Brampton



I was introduced to Krishnaji by my close friend and it has been the best thing that happened to me. I vividly remember telling my friend that there is no way I can afford a home right now, she smiled and said just meet Krishnaji and I am sure he will find a way for you. I am so glad that I took her advice seriously which changed my life. Krishnaji reviewed my horoscope and provided solutions to improve my life, helped me in buying my first home based on my requirements and budget constraints. He is resourceful, helpful, and knowledgeable, above all a great human being who genuinely cares about you and your investment. He will guide you at every step of your home buying journey by patiently answering all your questions while providing facts and figures so you can make the best decision. I have recommended all my friends to meet Krishnaji and will encourage everyone seeking solutions to meet him and benefit from his services. Krishnaji is an amazing person; you have to meet him to believe whether you’re looking for horoscope review or home buying or Vastu audit, he knows it all. 


 Aisha - Toronto 


 If you are looking for a consummate asset adviser who can understand your specific allocation issues, come up with options that balance risk and growth opportunities and guide you through the complex process, then look no further, Mr. Tantry is your person. We have known Krishna for more than 8 years in different capacities and have had    numerous discussion/consultations related to asset management and asset growth. His knowledge of real estate, cash flow, risk management and insight into building equity and opportunities is unique. I always walked out of our consultation with a revised perspective and full understanding of fine prints and pit falls. Krishna's follow up skills, his support during each step and focus on issue closure is commendable. We are extremely thankful for his timely advice and guidance so many times.


 Suresh Udupi, Maithili Rao - Pickering


When we were looking for our very first home, we had the good fortune of meeting and working with Krishna.

Krishna took an initiative to first understand my family's requirements. He then tailored the search to match what best suited our needs. Buying the actual house was only a part of the experience of working with Krishna. He not only helped us find a great first home but also educated us to make informed decisions ourselves.

Krishna is very knowledgeable and easy going and strives to deliver a personalized service.We felt an immediate connection with Krishna and that is where Krishna's strength is.He makes the client very comfortable and I would love to work with Krishna in the future.


Nadim - Milton


Buying an investment property was a tough decision for me, as I was skeptical with the risks until I met Mr. Krishna. Krishna was very patient and answered all my questions in layman terms. He suggested options based on my situation and helped me to buy an investment property.

I would recommend my family and friends for his services and advises.


Faheem Munshi - Brampton


We've known Krishna for a few years now, and had the pleasure of working with him other investment projects. Due to circumstances, we had to move and sell our condo within a fixed timeline, with specific requirements and budgets. He made sure our first house purchase was not only a great fit for what we wanted, but was genuinely a good purchase and a wise investment. He showed dedication to our interests by working to ensure we found a place that we was truly satisfied with, and that all aspects of the transaction happened as smoothly as possible.

He also made sure we understood the intricacies of the entire buying and selling process. Krishna did not push us into buying something hastily.

Krishna is certainly a committed realtor who places professionalism and customer satisfaction as his highest priority. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good buying/selling experience and also for those who are interested in investment properties."


Alroy & Maria - Milton


I have met Krishna early 2012 through by brother-in-law Kenny who used to be his neighbour in Brampton. So we talked over the fence about his real estate business and left it at that. One day in 2013 my wife and I met Krishna at our house in Brampton and we went over the kind of investments he like to get involved. So we chose to be in Real Estate. I have a couple of investment’s through Krishna now and I must say we are very happy and able to fall asleep at nights.

Krishna is very Knowledgeable in new construction real estate, preconstruction condos, mortgages, commercial investments, and great in cash flow analysis. He shows you upfront before you get into the investment the positives and cons and make sure that you have a positive cash flow. He is very good in Math and calculates extremely quick.

 He is not Pushy at all and leaves up to you to decide whether this is for you or not. Actually we wanted to get into more of new construction investments, but he insisted to stay where we are for now as we had enough.

 Krishna does talk fast, so you have to tell him to slow down if you do not understand. He like to show you everything on paper, so make sure you have tons of paper when he comes over to make a presentation or explain an investment. He does write like a doctor. scribble scribble!!!!!!!!

I would recommend Krishna to anyone who is willing to take risks in any business and ask as many questions as you can if you do not understand. Because at the end of the day you make the decision and has done so with a calculated risk.


Anthony & Vedo Luis - Brampton


I was introduced to Mr. Krishna Tantry by my colleague at Swissport Canada. Krishna is very knowledgeable about the real estate market and was able understand our needs. He was very passionate about helping us buy our house. While working with us, he was very patient and understood our requirements and needs. It was a great pleasure to have Krishna Tantry as our realtor. Thank you Krishna for helping us buy our first home in Canada.


Mohsin Chowdury -  Mississauga


I was introduced to Mr. Krishna Tantry by my friend and colleague who is a Financial Controller in Canada for world's leading Business and IT Solutions company.

I would like to commend Mr. Tantry about his through and total knowledge in the area of real estate investment management. He has been able to quickly understand my investment requirements and propose solutions that were extremely attractive and compelling for me. In the first meeting, I was thoroughly satisfied and convinced that Mr. Tantry had the best proposals for me.

Mr. Tantry guided and handheld me through all the transactions with a lot care. He was always aware and alert well in advance to upcoming events and actions that I needed to attend to. That quality in my opinion is a very high level of customer care leading to satisfaction and delight. He approached the transactions as though they were his own.

He is very savvy and careful about sensitivity and privacy of such high value transactions and has always guided me with a lot care and confidentiality.

I strongly recommend Mr Tantry to anyone who wishes to have real estate matters taken care of. I received total care and peace of mind when dealing with him.


Shailesh Joshi - Brampton


As a first-time home buyer, we hardly had any idea about home buying.  Mr. Tantry gave us professional advice at every step starting from the planning stage which helped us take the right decision.

He is very organised and meticulously plans every step of home buying.  He makes sure what to expect next during the process so that the clients do not have any unpleasant surprises later.  With his help, we were able to obtain mortgage without any hitches and within a short span of time.

We were very fortunate to have Mr. Krishna Tantry as our realtor who negotiated a really good price for the property we bought and saved us a significant amount during our closing. 

He has a wealth of knowledge not only as a realtor but also as your asset builder.  We highly recommend him.  Buying a home or any property will be a smooth sail with Mr. Krishna Tantry as your realtor.


Amrith & Soumya - Brampton



While we breathe air, you breathe Client.  


Krishna, your commitment to us- clients is commendable. In our association with you, we've noticed your passion to turn the tables around and beat down prices, negotiate dates, everything in favour of your clients. You've worked and advised with the best interest for us. We will enjoy the fruits of your power to negotiate prices and save us the extra bucks.It’s not a mere 100 or 200 dollars that you saved us, a chunk of $35,000 is what we have in our kitty to rejoice.  


Your "client first" attitude is the sole soul reason for your long loyal associations. We would refer to you a well-wisher rather than our realtor. Hope god keeps you healthy and you never suffer from Vitamin M deficiency :-) It help you and your associates be Wealthy.  


Raghu Iyer/ Gayathri - Mississauga 


Krishna helped us invest in couple of real estate investments in Toronto area. He looked at our financial status and advised us based on our interest and risk appetite.

Krishna has in depth knowledge in real estate market, good understanding of our needs,  did not waste time on discussing all investments but showed us exactly what we wanted to see.

Krishna is a one stop shop for all real estate needs and he is best at what he does. I look forward to working with Krishna in future investments and highly recommend him for his services.


Nadeem Farooq - Mississauga


As an extremely busy Physician in Toronto, I do not have the luxury to drive back to my family home in Mississauga daily. Fortunately, I was referred to Mr. Krishnadas Tantry by my brother when I decided to purchase my first condo in Toronto.

I required a condo close to Toronto and to my family residence, but also close to public transportation. Mr. Tantry immediately found the perfect condo for my needs.

Personally, I found Mr Tantry to be very pleasant and knowledgeable to work with. As a first time homebuyer, I was unaware of all the details of my purchase. I was walked through all the aspects of home buying and planning by him.

Mr. Krishnadas Tantry was incredibly flexible, working with me on my busy schedule, as I work many hours in the hospitals.

His knowledge and attention to detail leaves the client feeling very safe in his guidance. I found that Mr. Tantry and his organization only work with your best intentions in mind. He is extremely honest and straight-forward

Also, I’ve seen that Mr. Krishnadas Tantry thinks about your real-estate needs for the long term, giving guidance and recommendations throughout the entire home buying process.

I will definitely buy future properties only through Krishnadas Tantry because I know I will be taken care of honestly. I highly recommend him for all your home buying needs.


Dr. Adarsh S. Rao, MD Orthopaedic Surgeon -  Etobicoke


Mr Krishna Tantry is that all-too-rare-combination of a quality human being & great realtor with a keen insight into personal wealth & finance. Like most first-time homebuyers, we were sceptical of realtors and were not optimistic about a great outcome as we signed on Mr Tantry.  

Right from the get- go, Mr. Tantry worked hard to allay any concerns we may have had. He had a fantastic understanding of the kind of home we were looking for, what we could afford and what kind of purchase made sense for us, both as a home and as an investment.  

We soon narrowed into a set of probable houses that were to our liking, and within a fortnight we had already made a couple of bids. After losing the first bid (thankfully in hindsight) Mr. Tantry ensured that we did not lose out on the bid for our dream house. We are now enjoying many a barbeques in our very own backyard with the most breathtaking view.  

We are not only grateful to Mr Tantry for helping us buy our dream house; we have also (in the process), found a great friend. We would not hesitate to work with Mr. Tantry again and confidently recommend him to any prospective homebuyer.  


Chaya & Ashwin Jose -  Brampton


Tantry Sir is truly an asset builder and knowledgeable financial advisor. We used his expertise and guidance during the process of buying our first home. He educated us in various aspects of home buying (financial benefits, vaasthu etc) and his candid advices eased the stressful process of house search. He helped us to narrow down our area of search and prioritise based on our necessities. 

Based on his vast experience and contacts, he helped us to not only get a good home but also to make the whole process of closing and moving a peaceful one. He became a closer family friend during this home buying process. We would like to build our asset with his able guidance in the future. We thank him for all his guidance and support and wish him all the best.  


Kavi & Bindu - Markham



We can't tell you how much we appreciate all of your hard work and support. We can't believe we found our dream home so quickly! It means the world to us to now we have a beautiful home to share with my family and friends. 


We honestly can't thank you enough. This has been a wonderful experience for us. We are grateful for your help, guidance and support. The service has been excellent no doubt about it. We think you are wonderful, and you are so good at what you do. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


Jayesh & Rita Patel - Brampton


Krishna Tantry’s reference was given to me by my friend. When I was just debating with the issue of selling and buying-Krishna promptly advised the correct course of action. I must mention that he did not start anything before he studied my birth chart along with my children. This I found very reassuring and strengthened my confidence in his approach.  

I had three kinds of projects- selling my condo- buying another condo and also renting out my sister’s condo. He laid out a very good plan for each of these three tasks – and needless to say that he completed them with out any difficulty-at the same time- causing no anxiety or worry for his clients (both my sister and myself).  


Mr. Krishna is very knowledgeable in the field he is in & offered many options & alternatives on how I can save before & after I bought the property. Yet another positive factor is his involvement in whatever he undertakes – for his clients – and works out the best option for them. 


We have pleasure in recommending Krishna to anyone that would like to utilize his knowledge, expertise and skills, and wish him all the best in his life and career. Although we started with him as a real estate agent- we soon found him to be good family friend-, which we will value always.  


Geetha Manohar - Toronto ,Mrs.Lalitha Rameshan - Dubai



We had one of the best well-rounded home buying experience with Mr Krishna Tantry. He is very knowledgeable, professional, dedicated, respects and committed to our criteria. He displayed passion as if he is buying the property. He is very well connected with the entire supply chain of home buying needs.  

'To us he was a one stop shop'.  

Our experience was so seamless that we didn't feel the stress of a long search and also felt we got the right value for the property. Also he is patient and empathises our requirements and never pushes us in the decision making process. We highly recommend Mr. Krishna Tantry for a value for money, pleasant and hasslefree home buying experience.  


Rashmi & Sriram - Brampton



Krishna’s expertise proved invaluable during our recent condominium purchase, as his knowledge as a realtor proved integral in securing a favourable deal for us. He was with us at every step of the purchase, and ensured that our expectations were not just met, but exceeded at all times


His no pressure, no hassle method, and clear method of dealing with clients allowed us to understand the process in layman’s terms, helped us navigate the complex parts of real estate acquisitions with ease. If anyone requires a realtor who knows his properties well and his clients even better, then we would whole heartedly recommend Mr. Krishna for your real-estate dealings every single time.  


Bharati & Ravi - Toronto


We have no hesitation in recommending Krishna Tantry as the realtor of choice. A realtor, with your best interests at heart throughout the entire search, purchase and closing process .

The entire family appreciated his knowledge of the market and financial savvy in his negotiations during the closing process. He provided us great guidance, insight and vaastu advice while narrowing down our search. Our search, offer, inspections and closing was 100% smooth with no issues . It was a pleasure to have Krishna Tantry representing us as our realtor.  


Veena & Prakash - Mississauga


Mr. Krishna has the unique ability to inspire confidence in all, especially the first-time home-buyers.He was quick to understand the requirements of the client and always provides a speedy response. He was energetic and took the lead in taking the deal to completion.  When requested, Mr. Krishna provided recommendation in selection of house, good lawyers, home inspectors etc. Overall, it was a very pleasant buyer-experience.  


Savita - North York


In my experience thus far he has been a friend, philosopher and guide with respect to astrological prediction, my personal investment in Condominium in Woodbine which has been a wise decision as far as my family is concerned. Our total outlay is only 5%. Renting of the condominium has been taken care by Tantry. 

Rent takes care of all the monthly recurring charges on condo. Hopefully I will be able to realize a good profit when we ultimately sell this condo in the years to come. Thanks to Tantry for his advice. I wish Krishna all very best in whatever ventures he undertakes and can highly recommend Krishna to anyone that would like to utilize his knowledge, expertise and skills that he is endowed with. 


Naresh - Mississauga (Name changed)


I just wanted to know about the potential of Real Estate market and how it doing, whether it is the buyer’s market or not? As I was debating to buy I came to know Krishna through relatives and today I am the proud buyer of a Lakeshore Condo through Krishna. He is an excellent negotiator, phenomenal with his vast knowledge in the business and a very good customer service oriented


He is motivational, enthusiastic and very passionate and customer satisfaction is all that he cares about the most. I do not hesitate to recommend him to my friends to make the right move.  



Carrie - Mississauga


We would like to Thank Mr. Krishna Tantry for helping us buy our first home. We were under the impression that it was a hard process, but, Thanks to Mr. Krishna the whole thing went really smooth. He took the time to understand exactly what we were looking for and helped us find just that. Mr. Krishna is very professional and diligent in his work. He clearly explained each step of the home buying process.  He planned our visits to view properties with great effort and took interest in each viewing. There were times when we would be exhausted with seeing so many properties. but he would be always so full of energy and enthusiasm to view more and not once we felt that he was putting any pressure to pursue a property.  We were always sure that he was working for us. Our relationship with Mr. Krishna started as a real estate agent and now is a very close friend. We are very grateful for all your help. Keep up the good work.


Sandeep & Anola - Mississauga


Thank you for helping us buys our first home. You helped us narrow down our search and educated us in the home buying process. You were willing to spend as much time as it took to buy our home and also helped us after the sale with arranging finance, home inspection, lawyers, etc. 


Buying a home thru you is like buying the whole package and we are grateful for your assistance and guidance in the process.  


Raghu/Ambika - Mississauga


Mr. Krishna Tantry is not only professionally qualified as an Engineer on the academic side,but is also well versed with knowledge of astrology based on astronomy, Numerology, Vaasthu etc. and analyses all issues in a very scientific manner. 


In my opinion goddess Saraswathi has showered her full blessings on Mr.Krishna as he is endowed with wealth of knowledge and his intuitions a rare gift that he utilizes for constructive purposes by providing solutions to mankind by trying to alleviate their problems. A Real estate agent with knowledge of vaasthu and astrology is a definite asset and is a plus for any customer who deals with him. I know Mr.Krishna for the last five years and can say without a second guess that he is an honourable and trustworthy person. I wish him all the very best in his all endeavours.  


Narayan - Mississauga 


I met Krishna Tantry through one of my Real Estate colleague. He came just in time when I had difficulty selling my home. My place was difficult to sell as there was lot of units in the market for a longer time. I asked for some remedies and he analyzed my home vibrations and suggested some remedies.


I implemented the remedies as per his advice and the miracle happened. I sold it one week later. I feel I can trust him and look for his guidance. He is also helping me to purchase a home as per Vaasthu advice. He seems to be very good in what he does. He has helped many real estate agents like me.  


Kim Fraser, Sales representative-Tridel Homes  


I met Krishna Tantry in the year 2003 when he was not a Real estate agent. I was going through financial turbulence after I moved into a new home. I lost $40,000 in 2 months. He visited my place, did astrological analysis and vaasthu audit. He suggested me to sell the property. Trust me without a second thought, I sold my property. My belief in astrology and vaasthu increased after the relief I got from his advice.  


I bought another property through his advice and now I am doing exceptionally well. I have become a broker from a Real estate agent. He is like my big brother. 


My sisters and our whole family take his advice. His skills, knowledge is helpful to people and to compliment to his knowledge. I suggested him to get into Real Estate and now he is providing the homes as per astrology and vaasthu. He is creating good impact in people’s life. Our whole family had experienced the difference. I have met his father who is a great personality and a famous astrologer. He is helping people in India. Krishna's whole family and generation are helping people. I suggest everybody to benefit from his services. He is unique in North America. I take consultation from him regularly and will continue to do so. As a fellow real estate agent. I am proud of his services, through his advice you can buy a home. Good luck brother...  


Shekhar Kamboj- Broker, Homelife United Realty Inc, Brokerage


I have known Mr.Krishna Tantry since 2001 just after he had come to Canada. My first meeting with him was a professional one as he was an Engineer in a large corporation. His knowledge and professionalism turned me to respect him. When he added real estate marketing to his portfolio I noticed that he was bringing the same sort of professionalism and engineering precision to this field also for which he is known in his other job. 


Even though I knew a lot of people in real estate being here 20 years, when I needed to buy a new home to upgrade, who else but Krishna was the only one qualified enough to meet the demands of my family. 


While looking for a house for me he would first consider it from the angle of vaasthu shasthra and astrology. He himself would reject a house, so that finally what I got to see was not a house but a home and I must say it was a very pleasant experience and to date I cannot think of a single reason to complain. Keep up the good work Krishna. God bless you !!!!!  


Harry -  Mississauga  


When my mortgage came up for renewal recently, I shopped at all the banks and was pleasantly surprised when Krishna referred me to his contact and I undoubtedly got the best deal (interest rate) thru him. I also made an investment in a condo on his advice and am sure that's going to pay of too. 

I have known Krishna for several years now, first as a customer when I sold him a Chevy Equinox and now as a good friend. I can certainly recommend his name to anyone who is looking at purchasing and investing in a property with out any hesitation or reservation.


Claudius D'souza - Mississauga


I had no plans to invest in properties. After a brief meeting with Krishna, I was impressed about his thorough and up to date knowledge. He sits with the customers and draws all plans and statistics which I have not come across any other real estate agents doing such a plan. 

I was pleased with his business dealings that convinced me in buying a condo without any hesitation just to build up my equity. Krishna truly cares about his customers, offers his quality and lengthy time and answers any in depth questions or doubts.  

He possesses exceptional service qualities and keeps the customers well informed all the time through phones and emails. I am happy to buy my condo through him and also will be glad to recommend him to my friends or relatives.


Celine - Mississauga


It was a pleasure to have Mr. Krishna Tantry as a Real Estate guide & an agent to a beautiful property that I recently purchased. He has been very understanding, positive & a good listener to the description of what I had in mind for the property I wanted to invest in. 

Mr. Krishna is very knowledgeable in the field he is in & offered many options & alternatives on how I can save before & after I bought the property. With his wide range of contacts & network that extend globally he has abundant information available at hand to help a buyer make a good & an informed decision.  


On top of it, the Vaasthu knowledge & experience he has brings to table a desirable match that any buyer looking for a complete package with the right property to suit their housing & astrological needs at its best. From recognizing my requirements (must haves, nice to haves to would be wonderful to have) for a suitable place to invest & thereafter live was the foremost thing that Mr. Krishna did.  


As a wonderful co-incidence he was working for his other clients with a builder at that time which he instantly thought might be a good investment. He just made a quick phone call & I was already dreaming of my new place with just the things I would have liked to have in terms of location, view & value. Once I knew the property I wanted to purchase, Mr.Krishna's negotiating skills & approach kicked in.  


He was very professional & effective in his dealings & was able to strike a good deal with the builder when compared to other similar properties on the market. I am very satisfied with his approach & results with my real estate buy. I would highly recommend Mr. Krishna Tantry to all my friends & family for all their real estate needs as it has been a truly satisfying & a positive experience.  


Sunayana - Mississauga (Name changed) 


I bought a new Condo at Lakeshore through Krishna Tantry whom I did not know before. A quick acquaintance at a business meeting brought us together into a very good friendship.  His broad and vast knowledge and understanding about the Real Estate business is a key to anybody who are interested in investing in properties.  I found him very articulate, analytical, trustworthy and reliable who strives to service the customers to the utmost satisfaction.  He also looks after his customers by constant keeping in touch with them through emails, giving vast knowledge about the day to day market and how to go and move about in building up one’s equity. I have nothing but all praises for Krishna and do not hesitate to recommend him to my friends.


Alwyn - Mississauga


Just wanted to reassure all of you out there who have yet to visit Krishna Tantry for his expertise...I highly recommend his services they are great! His vaasthu audit to our home had revealed many things. This no hoax, he is for real !!! I have experienced some great results and am very happy and continue to seek his advice on a number of issues including homebuying. 


Nikki Thind - Milton


I wanted to drop you a note and let you know that my son and I would like to thank you for the wonderful , outstanding, kind and loving person you have helped us to find and buy our first new house. Also,we thank you in helping us to find and arranging finance and home inspection.

Your service was very prompt,reliable and flexible in helping us.Now, we are happy staying and living in our new house.Keep up the good work and Good Luck!


Zenaida & Francis - Thornhill


Krishna Tantry is a truly professional real estate agent to work with. Krishna very meticulously plans appointments with prospective sellers/buyers of properties and is always cheerful in taking you around different properties for review. He is also very professional in preparing documents for comparative analysis of properties that you have short-listed – so selecting a property becomes very easy. What’s more, he is very resourceful in the financing side of it,and can help in the mortgage process etc. too. He works very closely with you, and even tries to accompany you as many times as possible while visiting bankers, sellers etc. We found Krishna very reliable and committed about our zeroing down to a new home. We recommend Krishna Tantry for property buying or selling projects.


Sujatha and Raghunath -Toronto



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