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Blend of Vaastu Shasthra & Astrology 

I am a unique Real Estate Broker serving clients from last 35 years in the field of Astrology, Vaastu, Numerology, and blending the mentioned Astro techniques into a home purchase. Many clients have become multi millionaires by owning a piece in several projects and with my strategies


Here are some tips written by me as mentioned in the South Asian pulse radio program, the news paper article (Mid week) and South Asian Guide.

What is Vaastu Shasthra?

Vaastu Shasthra is an ancient building science derived from the vedas. Vedas were not easy for a common man to understand hence saints, sages and divine personalities of ancient times simplified the information from vedas and transferred them to different texts. Vaastu Shasthra was divided into 2 branches based on the application. Divine vaastu and Non-divine vaastu. Divine vaastu is derived from Agama Shasthra a part of the Veda and is applicable for temples. The famous Balaji temple and many holy shrines in India are built perfectly as per Vaastu code. Non-divine vaastu is derived from Stapathya and applied for residential and commercial purposes.

Is Vaastu Shasthra particular to any group?

No. Astrology and Yoga, were derived from vedas but are being practised all over the world .People have realized their benefits. Similarly, Vaastu Shasthra is universal and  is applicable to all for their well being.

Is Fengshui and Vaastu Shasthra similar?

Fengshui and Vaastu Shasthra are somewhat similar, but their origins are different, Fengshui is a Chinese concept and Vaastu is an Indian concept. Fengshui means wind and water. Both mention concepts about positive ,negative energies and methods to balance them. Yin and Yang are the positive ,negative forces in Fengshui.

What are the benefits of Vaastu Shasthra?

There are many benefits to Vaastu Shastra. Homes built as per Vaastu Shasthra will have more positive energy and hence can bring Health, Wealth, Peace and Prosperity.

What are the features of Vaastu Shashtra?

Features  are mentioned below

• Direction of the plot (Must be compatible with horoscope)

• Shape/Profile of the plot (Must be compatible with horoscope)

• Vibration of the plot (Determined by Prashna tanthra)

• Energy field inside the house (Determined by Prashna tanthra)

• Allocation of space/ Location of rooms&structures

What is the importance of direction?

Directions are a very important factor for an ideal home and play an important role in bringing health, wealth, peace, and prosperity due to the following reason…

Directions are managed by planets that influence everybody (like Ex: Sun-Vitamin D, Saturn-Iron, etc). Planets are divided into two types, either Malefic or Benefic planets. Benefic planets are friendly planets that support you and malefic planets are non-friendly planets that pulls you down. Your house entrance should be in the direction favourable to you and can promote  health, wealth, peace and prosperity.

Is it true that east or north direction is good? 

This is not true for all. Directions are represented by the planets and certain planets are negative for certain people. Just like how sweets are not advisable for a person with diabetes, milk is not advisable for a person with lactose intolerance, East and North are not good for all. I have some clients who have seen the growth in the opposite directions South, West as advised by me.

How do you determine the direction?

I use the concept of Jyothisha (Astrology) to determine the direction through various permutations and combinations. My family i.e my father, grand father and ancestors were all in the profession from the past 1900 years.

What is the role of shapes?

Generally, square or rectangular shaped plots are considered for residential buildings with certain exceptions. Pie shaped lots are good in some cases. Irregular shapes can be good if the vibrations match. This can be determined during the vaastu analysis Negative vibrations from irregular plots can be channelized to some extent as per the various remedies of Vaaastu Shasthra.

How can I see the shape?


How do you determine the vibration?

Vibrations are determined by Prashna Tanthra.

What can you say about the profile?

A plain profile is normal, profile that slopes toward the east are considered very auspicious ( Exceptions apply and can be found through horoscope)

How about the corner plot?

As mentioned earlier, corner plots can carry positive or negative energies based upon the planet compatibility. The plot may be good but if it is not compatible to you then you should not go for it. Your family goals like your career, health, wealth, and kids’ education, may be questionable if you get into malefic planet influence.

What is an energy field and why is it so important?

Energy field or Shakthi is formed with the interaction of planets/ pancha buthas like Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Ether. These energy fields affect us through panchendriyas (five senses). We humans are continuously responding to the pancha buthas and are learning to use them through the application of Shasthra & Science/Technology. Solar energy from sun. Wind energy from air (Electricity through windmills). Heat energy from fire. Electrical energy from water. Crude oil and Uranium from the Earth which are converted to fuels for energy. Magnetic energy and light energy (MRI and laser beams) used for therapeutic use. Energy fields are everywhere, around us and inside our homes. Auras are the energy field around us and can be seen through Kirlian photography. The more positive we are the better the energy field around us. Vaastu Shakthi is the energy field inside the home and balancing the energy field can make our home atmosphere positive. Houses are not homes until they filled with positive energy. Energy fields can be made positive by proper positioning of rooms,structures and their interaction with you.

Can homes be built as per 100% Vaastu compliance?

Perfect health requires a perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, regular exercise, and proper food intake. Similarly, a home can be made 100% Vaastu compliant, if it's custom-built right from the site selection, ground-breaking to the home warming ceremony/Vaastu pooja and followed by poojas periodically. The remedies are available for minor infractions dealt with on an individual basis (Horoscope)

Disclaimer: Homes built as per Vaastu Shasthra acts like a catalyst (Booster) during your good period and filters many of the bad effects during bad period.But can’t eliminate some effects from your Karma. Ex; Good calcium doesn’t mean you can’t fracture your bone.

What are your services and what is required?

I have 3 different services to offer to the people who are interested.

New Home Buyer Service:

Advise a best fit direction based on family (Husband, wife children's horoscope and help to choose homes from different plans. Remedy for minor infractions though plan/home analysis.

Required: Survey/Site plan, Home plans, Horoscope or Date of birth, time, place of birth and /or palm print.

Homeowner Service:

Establish a best fit direction based on your family members horoscope.. Analyse the energy field, room location and other Vaastu features. Suggest remedies for the infractions/ deviations found during the audit.

Required: Survey/Site plan, Home plan, Horoscope or Date of birth, time, place of birth and /or palm print. 

Home Buyer Service:

Establish a best fit direction based on your family members horoscope.Pick homes as per the direction from the list of homes available in the market. Onsite visit to analyze the energy field, room location and other Vaastu features to match with your family profile. Negotiate the best price for you.

Required: Horoscope or Date of birth, time, place of birth and /or palm print.

Your budget, size ( # of rooms/wash room), type ( Semi,Town, Detached) and location.

The above is also applicable for commercial establishments, offices and Industries.

Note: Everybody can achieve their full potential using the techniques of Astrology, Vaastu, Gemology and Numerology. 


                                                                      Discover a huge difference, growth in wealth & other domains of life!

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